Daichi Mori / Alvie Starr Creative Coder & Interactive Engineer

I operate under the name Alvie Starr, specializing in creating interactive content that integrates data such as human movement, sound, and weather using LED displays, projectors, sensors, and more.

While at Chuo University, I had the privilege of studying abroad in Montreal, Canada, supported by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) through the Tobitate! Study Abroad Japan program. This initiative encourages Japanese students to broaden their global perspectives through international study experiences. After graduating, I gained further experience at the program's office and later at the University of Tokyo before launching my independent career in 2023.

Currently, my work includes gallery exhibitions, installations, and the use of interactive content in branding, advertising, marketing, and spatial design. Additionally, I contribute to video production, music production, and design, particularly through installation-based directing for music videos and by integrating interactive elements into pop-up events.

Email >> [email protected]

Instagram >> @alviestarr

YouTube >> @alviestarr


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